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800-kilo bison found dead in Dong Nai
  • |, NLD | July 24, 2019 02:45 PM
A bison weighing up to 800 kilos has been found dead in a forest in the southern province of Dong Nai for unknown reasons.

According to initial information, at around the midday July 23, forest rangers saw the dead bison at Dong Nai Culture and Nature Reserve at Ma Da Commune, Vinh Cuu District.


The bison found dead in Dong Nai on July 23

The case was then reported to local authorities for the investigation.

The animal which is around 800 kilos with a 75-cm horn has been forecasted to have died of old age.

Tran Van Mui, director of the reserve, said that after the cause of the death found out, the bison corpse would be turned into a specimen for preservation and scientific purposes.

Earlier in February 2016, a 200-kilo bison of Dong Nai Culture and Nature Reserve was shot dead and sold for meat.

After that, two bisons weighing 800 kilos each were also found dead in Dong Nai following a traffic accident.

At present, Dong Nai is home to a few hundred bison which are listed in the country’s Red Book.

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