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New-born baby dies after mother refused a lift to hospital
  • |, NLD | August 19, 2019 04:01 PM
A newborn baby in the southern province of Binh Phuoc has died on the road to a local hospital after his mother was refused a lift by a driver.

On Sunday, Vy Thi Yen, 32, from Bu Dang District’s Thong Nhat Commune who was in the seventh month of pregnancy faced some signs of premature birth, including serious bellyache. Her family hired a seven-seat car to bring her to the local Medical Centre for checks-up. Doctors there urged her to go to a higher-level hospital as she was weak.


The woman lies on the roadside after she was refused a lift to hospital by the driver on August 18 (photo by VietnamNet)

After that, Yen’s husband asked the driver to carry him and his wife to Dong Xoai General Hospital which is some 50 kilometres away from the commune’s medical centre. However, when the car travelled around five kilometres, Yen began to go into labour.

At that time, the driver requested the couple to get out of his car. He laid a piece of nylon on the roadside for Yen to lie down and then drove away. Right after that, Yen gave birth to a baby boy, and it wasn’t until an hour later that her family could get another car to take her and her child to hospital. But, the child died on the way there.

The driver’s behaviour stirred public outrage.

According to Vy Van Huan, Yen’s brother, the driver just wanted to avoid seeing Yen in labour as he claimed it would bring him bad luck, so he refused to transport her.

"He left my sister lying down on a wet road following the rain,” Huan said.

Huan added that the driver had came to say sorry and paid Yen’s family VND50 million (USD2,173) as supposed compensation for her tragic loss.

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