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Readers donate VND195m to save struggling family
  • By Pham Oanh | | September 11, 2019 09:45 AM
A woman in Bac Giang Province has been given VND195m (USD8,400) in donations to save her husband after a traffic accident.


Nguyen Thi Thuy and her children

Nguyen Thi Thuy and her husband, Duong, have three children together. One day, her husband and his friend crashed into an electric pylon because of low visibility in heavy rain. Thuy's husband fell and hit his head. He was admitted to Vietnam-Germany Hospital and then transferred to the National Hospital Of Tropical Diseases due to severe injuries.

"He was bleeding under the dura mater and operated at Vietnam-Germany Hospital. After being transferred to Bac Giang General Hospital, he had high fever and was transferred to the National Hospital Of Tropical Diseases," said Dr Do Tat Thanh. "We found out that he has staphylococcus aureus infection."


Thuy receives VND124,730,000 donation

Thuy struggled to raise three small children and borrow money to pay hospital charges. In the end, she tried to sell a kidney to save her husband.

After her situation was published, many people have called and given her VND70m (USD3,000).

Via Dantri Newspaper, the readers continued donating VND124,730,000 (USD5,400) to help her family. Thuy and Hoang Cong Vi, her father-in-law, thanked the readers for their help during difficult times. Thuy said with the donation, she could continue her husband's treatment.

As of now, Thuy has received a total VND195m from the readers.

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