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Foreign crew member rescued off Danang
  • | | September 11, 2019 02:42 PM
A crew member from Panamanian-flagged ship has been rescued from off the central city of Danang when he lost consciousness.

At around 1 pm on Tuesday, Dorde Perunovic, 50, was taken to a hospital in Danang for treatment.


Dorde Perunovic taken ashore for being hospitalised

Perunovic fainted while ship MSC ESTHI was on the way from Singapore to China on Tuesday.

The ship captain then contacted the Vietnam Maritime Search and Rescue Co-ordination Centre for help.

After that the centre instructed the ship to move towards Danang at the fastest speed and then doctors at Danang 115 Emergency Centre offered distance medical advice.

According to doctors, Dorde Perunovic suffered a cerebrovascular accident with symptoms including being unconscious, high blood pressure and spinal pain.

Then SAR 412 was sent to support the Panamanian-flagged ship.

At 9:45 am, ship SAR 412 got accessed to ship MSC ESTHI and around three hours later Dorde Perunovic was hospitalised.

Thanks to the treatment, he left critical condition.

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