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Three dead, 1,000 houses submerged in Thai Nguyen rains
  • | | September 11, 2019 08:54 PM
Torrential rains have caused serious floods in the northern province of Thai Nguyen, killing three and submerging around 1,000 local houses.




Thai Nguyen faces serious inundation

According to the provincial Steering Committee on Natural Disaster Prevention and Control and Search and Rescue, the rains on Monday and Tuesday caused the wall of a local factory in Thai Nguyen Province to collapse, killing three builders aged 18-45 who were sleeping in a nearby tent.

The floods also injured one person. Meanwhile, the rains have put around 1,000 houses and over 660 hectares of rice in the province under water and paralysed many roads.

An electricity substation in Thinh Dan Ward in Thai Nguyen City was also flooded, resulting in a power outage for the whole area.

According to Le Quang Tien, chairman of the provincial people’s committee, rescue force saved 32 people isolated by the floods in Thai Nguyen City.

Local authorities have actively taken measures to deal with the inundation. Rains have stopped in Thai Nguyen City, but the water level of Cau River has remained high. So the provincial agencies have been urged to closely pay attention to the weather condition to timely response to possible risks.

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