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Vietnamese ace Nguyen Van Bay hospitalised in critical condition
  • | | September 19, 2019 11:48 AM
Vietnamese heroic pilot Nguyen Van Bay who shot down seven US aircraft during the American War was hospitalised in critical condition after a stroke.

Vietnamese heroic pilot Nguyen Van Bay is treated at the 175 Military Hospital on September 18

Colonel Nguyen Van Bay was a well-known jet fighter ace for the Vietnam People's Air Force during the American War. He shot down seven US aircraft.

According to the family of Colonel Nguyen Van Bay, he was rushed to hospital after a fall at his home in the southern province of Dong Thap.

The Ho Chi Minh City-based 175 Military Hospital announced on September 18 that they were making all efforts to treat Bay who lost consciousness due to a stroke.

"We have held a consultation among experts and doctors to find the best treatment methods for him but unfortunately we cannot perform surgery now due to his condition,” the hospital said, adding that the prognosis was devastating.

Born in 1936 in Dong Thap Province, Colonel Nguyen Van Bay joined the army at the age of 17 and was assigned to the 923rd Fighter Regiment where he started his first aerial combat in the northern province of Lang Son.

File photos of pilot Nguyen Van Bay. Photo by TPO

Pilot Bay operated 94 flights with a MiG17 and claimed seven aerial combat victories against US aircraft.

Bay was honoured as a military hero in 1967. After retiring in 1989, Bay returned to live in his hometown in Dong Thap Province.

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