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Hanoi sees sharp fall in traffic accidents following zero-tolerance alcohol policy
  • |, LD | January 17, 2020 04:08 PM
Hanoi has witnessed a considerable drop in traffic accidents since higher drink driving fines were applied, according to the municipal Department of Police.

The department reported that in the first two weeks of this month, local traffic police fined 302 people for drink driving with 271 having their driving licence revoked.


A driver being tested for alcohol concentration

During the period, 45 traffic accidents happened in the city, leaving 16 dead and 29 injured, down 32%, 40% and 37% on-year respectively.

The police said these are very positive results and claimed the public supported the new policy.

The Hanoi police will boost public awareness about drink driving.

Under the new law, drivers must be completely sober while driving any vehicle on Vietnam’s roads.

Drunk car drivers will be fined up to VND30-40m (USD1,300-USD1,818) instead of the previous fine of about USD814 if tests show that alcohol content exceeds 80mg per 100 ml of blood or 0.4mg per litre of breath. In addition, their licenses will be revoked for 22-24 months compared to a previous 4-6 months.

Up to 40% of traffic accidents in Vietnam are related to excessive drinking, the World Health Organisation reported.

The public are permitted to film and record traffic police officers from January 15 as long as they are not interfering with police duties to allay corruption fears.

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