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Traffic jams choke HCM City streets on Tet
  • |, NLD | January 17, 2020 08:31 PM
Traffic chaos has ensued in many big cities, including HCM City, as the Lunar New Year approaches.

This morning, January 17, congestion in many streets in HCM City’s eastern gateway such as Hanoi Highway, Tay Hoa, Mai Chi Tho and Dong Van Cong worsened. 


The jams lasted for hours on the section from Saigon High-tech Park to Rach Chiec Bridge on Hanoi Highway. 

Thousands of vehicles just inched on the road, leaving people stranded and tired 

  According to drivers, the gridlock started from 4 am and worsened at peak hours 

Lots of streets in Thu Duc District like Dang Van Bi, Vo Van Nga and Le Van Viet were also affected 

Until the midday, the situation did not improve despite efforts by traffic police

The congestion was partially attributed to higher number of trucks and container vehicles which come to ports for transporting goods.

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