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Hanoi to ban bars and ceremonies with large crowds
  • | vietnamnet, | March 26, 2020 09:31 AM
Hanoi following HCM City, has also ordered a temporary shutdown to entertainment spots such as bars and karaoke bars, and avoid holding wedding and funeral ceremonies in the city.


Large crowd at Tay Ho Temple on March 24

Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen Duc Chung on March 25 sent the directions to all districts, wards and communes. Bars, night clubs, karaoke bars, theatres and stadiums will all be closed. Only essential shops will stay open including gas stations and grocery stores.

Chung also advised the citizens to stay home and hold off on holding ceremonies that gather large crowds like wedding, funeral or birthday party. Religious facilities will not hold large ceremonies. He asked the localities authorities to be on guard and prepare to respond to the emergencies.

The Department of Health was asked to review, test and quarantine people that return to Vietnam from overseas and report to the city people's committee and the committee for Covid-19 control and prevention. Other guidelines are to work with other agencies to buy equipment and provide quick tests for the suspected cases and those in quarantine.

Me Linh field hospital will be quickly completed and put into use in accordance with the prevention plan.

The department must work with the city military command to transfer people that have close contact with confirmed patients to the military bases for quarantine.

The city has recorded 54 Covid-19 cases which is the biggest number out of the total 148 cases reported in the country as of March 26 morning.

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