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Queues for rapid Hanoi Covid-19 tests
  • By Tieu Phong-Minh Nhat | | April 01, 2020 03:08 PM
Hundreds of people in Hanoi have flocked to local quick Covid-19 testing stations.

The capital established 10 mobile quick COVID-19 testing stations in some areas to carry out mass testing amid the rise in Covid-19 patients, particularly cases related to Bach Mai Hospital.

On March 31, many people came early in the morning to a testing station placed at Dong Da Secondary School. 

People were instructed to take a number and wait at a distance of at least two metres. 

When their turn came, people had to use hand wash and then fill in a health declaration 

Blood test results were obtained after ten minutes. This is the same test used in South Korea.

Medical staff were equipped with safety clothes at the testing station 

People stood in line with the minimum distance of two metres

Medical staff came to the station quite early to make preparations

Each station has Wifi and opens round-the-clock. People whoever went to Bach Mai Hospital recently or those living near the hospital are prioritised for the test.

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