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Passenger banned from flying for provoking disturbance
  • | | July 07, 2020 03:22 PM
A man in Hanoi has been banned from travelling by air for a year causing disorder on a flight.


Two men caused commotion on the plane on May 21.

On the flight VN291 from Hanoi to HCM City on May 21, a passenger in seat 34D had an argument with other passengers around him about the hand luggage compartment and the seats. When the flight attendant tried to settle the cases, the passenger insulted the flight attendant and other passengers.

During this time, a man from seat 25A left his seat to watch the commotion and further aggravated the passenger. Both of them insulted and threatened the flight attendant and other passengers. In the end, security guards had to ask both of the men to leave the plane.

The flight was delayed for one hour. The passenger from seat 34D was fined VND8.5m and banned from flying for 12 months.

The man from seat 25A said he didn't know the passenger and only wanted to stop the commotion but evidence shows that he had further provoked the trouble. The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam banned the man from travelling by air for 12 months from July 4 to July 3, 2021, and go through a physical check-in for a further six months.

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