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Life in HCM City amid Covid-19 spread
  • By Pham Nguyen-Xuan Hinh | | December 04, 2020 11:06 AM
Covid-19 prevention regulations in HCM City have been more tightly applied following the city’s new domestic infections.

After nearly three months without community-transmitted Covid-19 infections, Vietnam has once again recorded three locally-transmitted cases.

A 28-year-old flight attendant of the national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines, or Patient 1,342, ignored the self-quarantine regulations and infected two others. He is facing possible criminal charges.

People wearing masks at a petrol station on Truong Chinh Street, Tan Binh District.


Customers at a mechanics are required to wear masks and use hand wash. 

Staff at the shop said that initially, he felt quite uncomfortable about wearing masks, but gradually he became familiar with it. It is the most important to ensure safety first in the context of the pandemic.

Temperature checks at the HCM City Department of Tourism.

The HCM City Department of Tourism has asked travel firms and related service providers to strictly conform to Covid-19 prevention and control rules.

Nguyen Minh Man who works in the tourism sector always carries out the online health declaration in necessary cases.

Lai Nguyen Dung from Binh Tan District was provided with the temperature checks at an office of TST Tourist.

Staff at TST Tourist wear face masks and ensure the safe distance to mitigate the risks of Covid-19 infection.

A coffee shop in Phu Nhuan Street also applies Covid-19 prevention and control regulations.

Sterilisation has been conducted at a school in which Patient 1,342 studied recently.

Face mask wearing on car.

As of Thursday morning, HCM City had taken samples of 2,244 people involved in the case of the flight attendant. Of these, 1,632 people had negative results, while 612 samples are waiting for results (including 11 cases of direct contact with infected people).

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