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Four Chinese nationals detained for illegal entry
  • | | April 07, 2021 04:32 PM
Police in the southern province of An Giang announced on April 7 that they had sent four Chinese people who illegally entered Vietnam to a quarantine area for Covid-19 prevention in Tinh Bien Town.

The four men including Chen Shuang Shung, 36, Liu Qiang, 33, Hu Ya Qi, 30, and Wang Guang Chao, 32 were detained at 11pm on April 1 while sitting outside the Xuan To Industrial Area and failing to show legal entry papers.

One of the Chinese men being detained

The men told the police that they had entered Vietnam in the northern region on March 27 and went south to seek a way into Cambodia to find a job.

The four were detained while waiting for a person who would take them across the border to Cambodia.

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