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39th Covid-19 fatality reported in Vietnam
  • | | May 20, 2021 04:47 PM
A 81-year-old man has just died while being treated for Covid-19 in Vietnam, making the 39th fatality due to coronavirus in the country, the Ministry of Health confirmed on Thursday afternoon.

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According to the ministry's report, the man had existing diseases including diabetes, hypertension, gout, and cirrhosis.

He was admitted to the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases on May 3 and was diagnosed with sepsis. He then tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 on May 11 while staying in the hospital.

The patient's condition quickly worsened He was provided with intensive treatment, using a ventilator and antibiotics.

A national consultation was held on his condition on May 18, but due to the seriousness of his diseases, he died the following day.

This is the 39th Covid-19-related death in Vietnam after the 38th fatality was reported earlier this morning.

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