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Hanoi to open 28 bus routes this year
  • |, LD | April 21, 2022 09:37 PM
Hanoi has planned to launch 28 new bus routes this year to meet increased public transport demand.

The new routes in 2022 include the E02, E04, E06, E07, E08 and E09 bus routes, five routes that intersect with Metro Line 2A and 17 others that will be put into use in the third and fourth quarters.


The buses in Hanoi

To date, Hanoi has 136 bus routes in operation, including two electric bus routes E02 and E06. The city wants to launch between 90-100 new bus routes in the 2020-2025 period.

According to a representative from the Hanoi Transportation Corporation, the firm will focus on bringing bus routes to towns, communes, urban areas and industrial parks. More bus routes that interconnect Hanoi’s metro projects will also be opened.

Hanoi has set the goal of 30-35 percent of commuters using public transport by 2025.

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