Frozen projects icing GDP
  • | | March 09, 2010 05:17 PM

Projects that are stuck in standstill have taken a negative toll on the GDP’s growth rate in Hanoi and speeding these projects up is difficult due to their complicated nature.

Revision progress is frozen while waiting on master plan details for Hanoi

After revising 244 projects, Hanoi has continued to revise another 500 projects. Based on master city plans of Hanoi, the revisions are difficult to implement due to the amount of amendments made to the projects original plans.

In addition, many details of the master planning have yet to be clarified which has hindered the revision process. For example, where exactly the national administrative area will be located in Hoa Lac, what the population is expected to be and how big the satellite urban areas will be remains unknown.

In addition, education and health care sectors haven’t done their planning yet and therefore, urgent projects such as schools or hospitals haven't been able to start.

Revision progress depends on the master planning of the city which has not yet been finalised. Hence, investors face many difficulties, especially those who have received their site clearance compensation.

Many issues have arisen from project amendments. For example, if licensed small projects are maintained, they will affect sustainable infrastructure with wide roads.

Many people thought that it was necessary to prioritise industrial zones and social infrastructure but the scope of commercial and accomodation demands must also be thoroughly considered. It’s not a simple process to decide how many property projects should be licensed.

In a recent meeting, leaders of the Hanoi People’s Committee requested its revision team to clarify roles and usage purposes of each project as well as to ensure suspension of projects in districts and towns.

The revision team needs to collect and distribute all recommendations on how to amend licensed projects.

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