Professional motorbike taxi service in Hanoi
  • | Tien Phong, dtinews | January 27, 2013 05:03 PM

A professional motorbike taxi service (xe om) has been started in Hanoi.


Tran Dinh Bach, Director of Nam Minh Joint Stock Company, said the company had about 20 motorbikes, but plans to expand to other areas after Tet.

Driver Dinh Xuan Hoang said the service has attracted quite a lot of customers, who appreciate the ability to call the switchboard directly to order motorbike services. He said that his salary has increased to around VND5 million per month.

Not only are the motorbikes equipped with metres, but drivers are also fitted with uniforms so they will be distinguishable from individual motorbike drivers.

The initial ten kilometres is costs VND6,000/km and is reduced to VND4,000 per km after that, he said.

This business model has been in operation in HCM City for some time.

"After three months we see that customers are happy at not having to bargain for the price of a ride. Also, each of our motorbikes is equipped with GPS so that the driver will be able to take the shortest route," said Doan Huu Phat, Director of Thien Khach Company who was also in charge of setting up the service in HCM City.

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