Supermarkets become popular for Tet
  • By Tung Nguyen - Hong Nhung | | February 09, 2013 02:54 PM

Even when people flock to make the last-minutes purchases for Tet, small traders said they could not compete with supermarkets.


Markets lack fresh commodities

Traders at Hiep Thanh or Thoi An markets in HCM City said their customers are mostly workers, but by this time, most of the workers have left for their hometowns, taking away much of their business. 

Traders are also hesitent to store many goods for Tet due to the economically difficult times and a lack many fresh commodities.

Traders in Tan Phu Trung Market complained that more people preferred to go the the supermarket this year. 

Oanh, a local in Tan Phu Trung Commune said, "The prices for meat and fish go up in markets as Tet nears. The more customers they have, the higher their prices are. That's why I decided to buy goods in supermarkets."

The traders said their best selling goods are livestock such as chicken, fish or some commodities that supermarkets do not offer like flowers.

"I often buy fruits for Tet but this year, even the fruits in Hiep Thanh and Thoi An markets are not so good so I went to a supermarket." Duong Thuy Dat, a local in Hiep Thanh Ward said.


People flock to supermarkets


Waiting at the cash register

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