Binh Dinh fishermen reach toward Japanese market
  • By Doan Cong | | November 11, 2014 09:00 AM
 >>  New technology provides for more tuna exports

Fishermen in Binh Dinh Province have been furnished with new equipment to catch tuna. 


 48 tuna caught with new equipment.

The equipment,  which was developed in Vietnam, was installed on the Nguyen Que, one of the five fishing boats that were recently chosen to be fitted with Japanese fishing instruments for catching and preserving tuna.

Tran Van Vinh, deputy director of the local Exploitation and Protection of Aquatic Resources, said the fishing equipment was created by a Vietnamese research team. Initial tests seemed to have positive results, but some further work may be needed. If it works, it could reduce the investment needed to import from Japan.

The fishing boat refitting is part of a project aimed at improving the quality of tuna caught in Binh Dinh Province to be able to export to the Japanese market. Previously, Binh Dinh Fishery Joint Stock Company and Hitoshi General Office Co.Ltd signed a contract to trade tuna in Japan after much negotiation and cooperation.

After a 23-day fishing trip, the first pilot boat returned with 48 tuna with a combined weight of over 2.5 tonnes. This boat's catch is expected to fetch higher prices than those of boats with less advanced systems. 

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