Luxury Parkson shopping centres in HCMC deserted
  • By Trung Kien | | January 07, 2015 05:19 PM
 >>  Parkson Landmark trade centre in Hanoi closes for losses

Even though many stores have hung up the 50% sale off signs, the Parkson shopping centres in HCM City still failed to attract customers.


Empty shopping centre

Parkson has six commercial centres in HCM City with hundreds of high-class brands. The centres also provide restaurants and entertainment areas but only receive few visitors.

"Business has become sluggish in the late two months. We only sold two pairs of shoes last week. If this continues, we may have to end the rent here to find another place," said a shop owner at Parkson Flemington Centre.


The centre only has few visitors

Many other shop owners at the centre confirmed that usually, they cannot even sell a single product.

Other centres such as Parkson C.T. Plaza or Parkson Paragon also face the same problem. If visitors come, they would mostly go to the cinema or restaurant instead of the shops.


Store owners complain of high rental fees

Meanwhile, store owners at Parkson Le Thanh Ton complained that the rental fees are too high. The store owners' incomes went down by 20-30% compared to the same period last year.

"Our income this year is down by 20-30% than last year but the monthly rental fee for a 16-square-metre store stays at USD1,300. The fee for similar store on the street is only USD1,000 and it's easier to sell there," a store owner said.

Parkson is the retail arm of Malaysian Lion Group. On January 2, the Parkson Landmark in Hanoi had to shut down because of lacklustre business.

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