Vinaconex seeking international bids for Hanoi water pipeline
  • | | August 04, 2015 03:05 PM
 >>  Breach in water pipeline affects 70,000 households

Vinaconex Water Supply Company said it will open international bidding for the construction of a second water pipeline to Hanoi after the first broke for the 11th time.

Hanoi's water pipeline has broken 11 times

"Construction should start in October," said Nguyen Van Ton, director of Vinaconex.

Ton said the first pipeline has a capacity of 300,000 cubic metres of water a day and the new pipeline will double capacity, acting in parallel to ensure the capital's water supply.

The first pipeline went into operation six years ago, but it broke 11 times, raising concerns about the construction quality.

The Ministry of Construction said the material was unsuitable for supplying such a huge amount of water to the city.

Vinaconex invested in the VND1.5 trillion project, and its affiliate, the Vinaconex Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester Pipe Company, supplied the pipes. Seven officials of Vinaconex Glass Fibre were prosecuted on July 14 for regulatory offences.

City authorities subsequently began planning a second pipeline to bring water from Da River to the capital, awarding project management to Vinaconex.

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