Investor accused of cheating residents to use smaller entrance
  • | | February 13, 2017 04:39 PM
Residents at Home City Apartment Building in Cau Giay District, Hanoi are complaining about being cheated by the building's investor that is forcing them to use a longer route and smaller entrance to enter the building.

Home City is a new project and the residents have moved in only 10 days ago. But most residents said they felt like they were tricked by the investor, Van Phu Invest JSC.

Many residents said they felt like they were cheated

In the contracts, it is stated that the official address is 117 Trung Kinh Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi. However, the entrance on this street has been blocked ever since the residents moved in. They were asked to use the entrance on Nguyen Chanh Street that is about 1km away.

Pham Dinh Tuan, a resident, said, "The entrance route on Nguyen Chanh Street is really small. We've worked with the investor several times but their explanation is not good enough."

Bui Thi Hien, another resident, said she bought the apartment at the price of VND35m (USD1,500) per square metre because it is on Trung Kinh Street, which would be easier. "We have to go through another road to reach Nguyen Chanh Street and it's not worth the money," she said.

The residents also complained about the lack of street lights, accidents and congestion on Nguyen Chanh Street. Deliverymen also face difficulties when finding routes to enter the building. In addition, the cable service, monthly parking fee and hygiene in the basements are also being criticised.

Residents have been warned that they must pay for parking along the road

In response, Van Phu Invest JSC said they didn't do anything wrong.

Their project, which includes high-rise building and a primary school, were approved by Hanoi People's Committee and the Department of Planning and Architecture. In the approved project, the entrance to the primary school is on Trung Kinh Street and the entrance to the high-rise building is on Nguyen Chanh Street. Even in their model that was presented to potential buyers also showed the entrance.

The company also complained that the residents as well as visitors often park vehicles along Nguyen Chanh Street to the building's gate and cause congestion. The company had to warn the residents that if they don't park in the basement, they will have to pay parking fees on the street.

"Our monthly parking fees also follow the regulation. The maximum fee applied for nine-seat cars is VND3m (USD132)," the company's representative said.

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