Vietnamese firms stop ads on Youtube
  • | | March 04, 2017 01:34 PM
 >>  Vietnam accuses YouTube of violations
Many companies in Vietnam have halted advertising campaigns on Youtube following a Ministry of Information and Communications warning about their ads inadvertently appearing on videos with content the Vietnamese government doesn’t agree with.

The ministry's Agency of Broadcasting and Electronic Information said that they have received reports from several companies including Vietnam Airlines, Mead Johnson Nutrition Vietnam, and Vinamilk explaining about the appearance of their ads on videos they obviously have no control over the contents.

"These companies also said that they have removed all their advertisements from Youtube," the agency confirmed.

Speaking with the Kinh Te & Do Thi Newspaper, a representative from Vinamilk said that they had a contract with WPP Media Company to advertise and promote their products on media including Youtube.

"After receiving a letter from the Agency of Broadcasting and Electronic Information saying that our products are featured in conjunction with videos with bad content on Youtube, we have asked WPP Media Company stop all our ads on this site and work with Youtube to solve the problem.

Earlier, the agency said they had detected 17 video clips on Youtube which have violent, ‘pornographic’ or slanderous content and allegedly ‘distorted’ historical facts. These video clips featured major international brands such as Vaseline, Comfort (Unilever), Pampers, Ariel (P&G); Sendo (FPT), Samsung Vietnam, and Yamaha.

According to the agency's deputy head, Le Quang Tu Do, global content providers such as YouTube, Google and Facebook ‘must’ follow Vietnamese laws and ‘protect’ Vietnamese users. He added that the Ministry of Information and Communications would work with representatives from these global content providers on advertising regulations. The ministry will ask the government to impose penalties and technical measures if these global providers do not follow Vietnamese law.

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