Hanoi real estate projects flout regulations
  • | | April 18, 2017 07:32 AM
A local government inter-department inspection team has discovered many construction planning and land use violations at 50 real estate projects in Hanoi.


Violations found at various projects in Hanoi

The team chose 50 random projects and found violations at all of them. Most of these projects have been completed and the buyers have moved in.

38 projects violated construction planning and standards such as the building's height and the number of floors exceeds the permitted or registered limit, incomplete construction planning forms and the apartments being used for the wrong purposes. 15 projects violated regulations on fire prevention and safety.

Many projects still have difficulties in paying land use fee or other financial duties. Some investors, where projects are built on state-owned land, illegally transferred the project to another party.

The apartment building project on 143, Alleyway 85 in Thanh Xuan District is owned by Vietnam Natural Resources and Environment Corporation and 135 Investment JSC and has been put into use. However, the investors illegally increased the number of apartments by dozens and added another floor to the building. Moreover, its fire prevention plan hasn't been approved.

The Sakura Tower 47 project on Vu Trong Phung Street of Hung Tien Kim Son Company, the building project on 200 Quang Trung Street, Sai Dong urban area project are also accused of similar violations.

Hanoi 1 Equipment, Material and Urban Development Investment Company is the investor of a residential building on Nguyen Tuan Street. It illegally added an additional two more floors and failed to pay land use fees and its fire prevention plan hasn't been approved.

The inspection team suggested using strict punishments and measures to deal with stubborn violators who refused to follow the regulations and order to fix the violations.

The team proposed the Department of Construction and the Department of Planning and Architect to apply administrative fine to 38 project investors that had violated construction planning and standards. If the investors fail to correct their violations within three months after the order from city authorities is issued, their bank accounts might be frozen and they won't be allocated land for other projects in Hanoi.

The rest will also face similar punishments. Their cases will be transferred to the fire department, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and the Department of Finance.

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