First Vietnam Real Estate Forum opens
  • | Nhan Dan | November 15, 2017 08:52 PM
The first annual Vietnam Real Estate Forum officially opened in Hanoi on November 15, featuring the participation of around 800 domestic and foreign investors, property businesses and experts.

Organised by the Vietnam National Real Estate Association (VNREA) in cooperation with financial-economic channel VITV, the forum is a large event that will assess the real estate market in a comprehensive manner, from commodities and segments to housing-related issues such as land, finance, credit and tax.

At the forum, the Ministry of Construction presented a general overview of the current real estate situation in Vietnam. In addition, the Ministry of Finance will also present tax reforms for the real estate market, while the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment will give a presentation on the amendments to land procedures and policies and the State Bank of Vietnam will report on the credit policies for the real estate market.

This year’s forum is expected to have a positive impact on the property market towards the year end and in the future.

Under the framework of the forum, several thematic seminars on topics such as "Cheap Commercial Housing and Social Housing," "Renovation of old apartment buildings," "Green Building" and "Resort Real Estate,” , along with various discussion sessions, will be held.

The seminars will give investors and real estate businesses a chance to exchange opinions on market trends, thereby seeking market segments with high liquidity to invest in. Through these discussions, they will also be able to develop proposals and recommendations for State management agencies on the problems that need to be addressed.

In addition to providing a panoramic view of the market in 2017 and updating the participants on the latest trends, the first annual Vietnam Real Estate Forum is also an opportunity to promote the brands and images of all stakeholders working in the field of investment, business, distribution and management of real estate operations both in the country and internationally.

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