Hanoi shopping centres crammed during Black Friday sales
  • | | November 23, 2018 10:00 PM
Major shopping centres in Hanoi have seen a surge in visitors on November 23 due to Black Friday sales.

Many people wait for opening time at Vincom Centre on Ba Trieu Street on November 23

Adverts for Black Friday promotions are throughout the city and major shopping centres in Hanoi such as Vincom, BigC and Aeon Mall also welcomed a huge number of visitors who lined up for half an hour outside.

Some fashion stores have more than doubled their usual stock for the weekend. Bag and shoe shops often attract the most traffic.

Nguyen Thuy Quynh, a local live on Hoang Cau Street, said, "Last year, few local retailers joined the sale period but this year, many brands have 50% or even 80% discount programmes. I've bought pyjamas, shoes and socks at quite reasonable prices just around the shopping centre. If you want to choose, you have to go early."

Another local, Giang, said it was best to buy things that you don’t need to try on because of the crowds. She bought three trousers at VND300,000. "I had to wait in the line for 20 minutes at the counter," she said.

Many stores at Vincom had to close temporarily as there were too many customers inside. Some stores have guards blocking the entrance to control foot traffic.

Some more photos of the Black Friday at Vincom Centre:





Many people flock to shopping centres

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