Employees consider job-jumping based on Tet bonuses
  • | | December 28, 2018 09:58 AM
As many as 27% of asked employees said they would switch jobs if they were not satisfied with Tet bonuses, according to the report on welfare and bonus payment on 2019 Tet in Vietnam conducted by Vietnam Works.


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Navigos Group’s Vietnam Works is one of the biggest job search and recruitment services provider sites in Vietnam. The survey was conducted with 3,400 job seekers, employees and 500 HR experts.

53% those surveyed said they often searched for information about Tet bonuses when looking for jobs, but only 37% of the companies published such information. Commonly, the bonuses are given based on the business situation and on averagely were a month's salary.

However, 64% of asked firms gave much higher bonuses and only 17% gave less than one month's salary. Most of the asked employees said they were satisfied with the bonuses. When being asked about their reaction when receiving low Tet bonuses, 27% said they would switch jobs if they were not satisfied and 55% would request better bonuses.

The majority of employees still wanted bonuses based on the company's business situation or their work results. Some wanted to give bonuses based on seniority.

1% of the surveyed companies may not give out bonuses because of the financial situation.

For the 2019 Tet Holiday, 60% of the firms said the Tet bonuses would remain the same, 30% would increase the bonuses by 5-10% compared to 2018.

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