Foreign-invested firms top Hanoi’s salary payment
  • |, HNM | January 03, 2019 08:11 AM
The foreign-invested firms topped Hanoi’s salaries in 2018 with VND233 million (USD10,130) per month.

According to the Hanoi Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, this was the highest monthly salary level in Hanoi last year. 


The foreign-invested sector topped Hanoi’s salaries in 2018 with VND233 million (USD10,130) per month

The department received salary reports from 5,025 local enterprises.

Wages were 7-9% higher than those in 2017.

Foreign-invested firms paid the highest salaries with the average level of VND5.85 million per person per month, up 9.1%. Among those, one firm topped with VND233 million per month. Meanwhile, foreign-owned firms’ lowest payment was VND4.25 million per month.

The runner-up were firms which had majority state capital stakes with VND5.3 million per month, up 4.9% on-year. The highest payment of this group was VND123 million, while the lowest was VND4.4 million.

Private companies ranked third with VND5.28 million, up 6.5% on-year. They were followed by wholly state-owned enterprises ranked third with VND5.25 million, up 7.1% on-year.

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