Demand for pre-Tet seasonal workers rises
  • |, TP | January 16, 2019 02:45 PM
Many companies are rushing to recruit seasonal workers before the upcoming Tet Holiday, offering them quite attractive salaries.

There is high demand for cashiers, present wrapping, supermarket staff, parking lot staff and security guards. Many restaurants are also in need of people willing to work shifts. 


Demand for pre-Tet seasonal workers rises

The Vinmart minimart chain have recruited an additional number of 1,000 sales staff in its shops across Hanoi.

Big C Thang Long have announced to recruit seasonal staff for Tet for cashiers, store staff and gift wrapping positions.

Quoc Thang Security Service Ltd. Co. have started the recruitment of domestic helps and security guards over the past 3 months with the daily salary of between VND200,000-1.2 million (USD8.69-78.26) per day. However, the firm have still failed to meet increasing demand.

This year’s demand for domestic help is up 15-20% against last year.

A range of companies have also posted online recruitment information in different areas, including sales staff, customer care, cashier, without requiring applicants with experience or degrees. The payment for these jobs is VND5-7 million per month.

Vu Thi Thanh Lieu, deputy director of the Hanoi Job Introduction Centre, said since early November last year, the centre has received recruitment orders from many companies.

According to HCM City Student Support Centre, more than 100 companies have recruited around 3,000 students for their services before Tet, up 20% on-year. The payment for students is roughly VND100-300,000 per day, up 10-15% on-year.

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