Taxi drivers in Ha Tinh go on strike
  • |, LD | March 29, 2019 12:26 PM
Around 100 drivers from a taxi firm in the central province of Ha Tinh have gone on strike for better wages.

The drivers went on strike on Thursday at Lam Hong Taxi Joint Stock Company in Ha Tinh City where the drivers complained about the higher commission than other local taxi companies.


The taxi drivers of Lam Hong Taxi Joint Stock Company went on strike

According to the drivers, they want the company to reduce the commission rate to VND3.5 million (USD152.17) per month from the current VND3.8 million (USD165.21) per month.

Taxi driver Pham Tuan Anh said he earns around VND200-300,000 for a 12-hour working shift and VND400-500,000 for a 24-hour working shift. But, he has to cover different kinds of costs related to the car insurance, fuel and phone calls.

Many others moaned that their income had sharply dropped.

Following the strike, on Thursday morning, the company decided to slash the commission to VND3.6 million. But the drivers did not agreed, saying that it remained high, and the company’s position had not been signed and sealed by the firm director.

The drivers added that the company’s management board did not directly meet them, but issued the decision in a pasted notice at the office.

The strike erupted as the drivers did not receive the company’s feedback for their salary increase proposal made four months ago.

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