Petroleum prices drop for 3rd time in a month
  • | | June 17, 2019 06:42 PM
Petrol prices have fallen for the third time over the past month.

According to a report by the ministries of Industry and Trade and Finance, petroleum prices have been cut from this afternoon, June 17.


Petrol prices have been fallen for the third time over the past month

The retail prices of biofuel E5 and RON95 were cut by VND986 and VND1,085 per litre to VND19,233 and VND20,134, respectively.

Meanwhile, the prices of diesel dropped by VND737 per litre to VND16,657 and kerosene by VND614 to VND15,611. Mazut decreased by VND239 per kilo to VND15,115.

The ministries have also agreed to raise the use of the petroleum price stabilisation fund for E5RON92 to VND300 per litre from today. The level for RON95 and other kinds of oil are VND900 per litre.

This is the third consecutive drop of petroleum prices since May 17. The latest decrease in petroleum prices was on June 1.

Petroleum prices were previously increased for three consecutive times.

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