Rampant violations detected at Tuyen Lam Lake
  • By Phuong Dung | | September 07, 2019 11:05 AM
Authorities in Da Lat are dealing with several firms which have illegally built tourism projects around Tuyen Lam Lake.


Rampant violations detected at Tuyen Lam Lake 

Lam Dong Province authorities have filed a report to the prime minister about the investigation and solutions to deal with violations around Tuyen Lam Lake. They also included a list of violating organisations and individuals.

According to the report, Sao Da Lat Company conducted constructions, including gates, ticket booths, toilets, and resting areas, on an area of 2,000 square metres without permits. Da Lat City People's Committee said it would punish the company. Some of the constructions have now been removed.

"Sao Da Lat Company has submitted adjusted planning to keep the remaining constructions. Their plan has been approved by the Department of Construction. Sao Da Lat promises to remove all unsuitable constructions," Lam Dong People's Committee wrote in the report.

Ly Khuong Investment Company carried out illegal constructions on 483 square-metre of land and encroached 7,700 square metres of land along with many other violations. Ly Khuong Investment Company has to remove 19 illegal houses out of the protected area.

Meanwhile, Thien Nhan Company was accused of illegal deforestation, illegally using 700 square metres of protection forest without permission and building 23 illegal constructions. Thien Nhan Company hasn't paid any administrative fines or removed the illegal constructions as requested. Nor have they started any reforestation activities.

Lac Nam Company also built seven constructions that are not in accordance with the approved plan. They have stopped all constructions activities to fix the violations. They have submitted an adjusted construction plan which was approved.

Lam Dong People's Committee said that they had reprimanded and would clarify individual responsibilities of the Management Board of Tuyen Lam Lake National Tourist Area, Da Lat People's Committee and related agencies. They will have suitable punishments for the employees and solutions to deal with the violations.

"We'll report the results to the prime minister after completely deal with the violations," Lam Dong People's Committee wrote in the report.

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