Light box sign requested for all taxis
  • By Nguyen Duong | | September 17, 2019 07:56 AM
The Ministry of Transport has requested all kinds of taxis to have a lightbox sign on their roof, including tech-based ones.

According to the regulation, the sign must be fixed on taxis roof with the minimum size of 12 x 30 cm.


The lightbox sign requested for all taxis

The ministry explains that app-based taxis have to conform to general business conditions, including roof light box sign, to ensure equality. Meanwhile, the light box sign application is a necessary factor to help distinguish taxis from other kinds of vehicles.

Lieutenant-General Dao Thanh Hai, deputy director of Hanoi Police Department, said that at present, app-based taxis have no light box sign, so it is not easy to identify them. In many cases, they still go into banned roads.

Regulations to distinguish taxis are necessary to help the taxi management more easily. For instance, when a criminal case or traffic accident relating to cars occurs, authorities need to define which kinds of vehicle for investigation.

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