EVN warns over water shortage at power plants
  • | tienphong, | October 25, 2019 08:35 AM
The Electricity Group is seeking for more energy sources as hydropower plants are facing water shortages.


EVN warns over water shortage at power plants

According to EVN, the water levels at many reservoirs were still much lower than in previous years. By the end of October, the total amount of water in all of their reservoirs was 19.67 billion cubic metres, 7.67 billion cubic metres lower than the same period last year. This amount equal to a loss of 2 billion kWh of electricity.

In early 2019, hydropower plants only produced 51.98 billion kWh, 18.3% lower than last year.

Thermal power plants worked at high capacity in the first nine months of 2019 to meet market demands but there are also problems with coal supply.

Hoa Binh is one of the largest reservoirs in Vietnam but this year, the water level is 10 metres lower than in previous years.

Nguyen Van Minh, director of Hoa Binh Hydropower Company, said the amount of water they received during the flood season was at its lowest for 30 years. As of October 22, the water level at Hoa Binh Reservoir was 106.7 metres. The company's electricity output will not meet the goal of 9.575 billion kWh set at the start of the year.

The output in 20 days of October was 13.2 billion kWh but EVN said they had to buy 178 million kWh of oil-generated electricity. The price was VND5,000 (22 US cents) per kWh so the last three months of 2019 will be a huge challenge to the group's financial management.

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