Ly Son seeks ways to better promote onions
  • | laodong, | October 28, 2019 07:55 AM
Farmers on Ly Son District are having big crops this year but prices fell due to over-supply.


Onion harvest on Ly Son Island

Farmers on Ly Son Island have had a good onion harvest. Nguyen Thi Mai from An Vinh Commune said because of unfavourable weather, they lost VND40m (USD1,700) in two previous harvest.

"This year, I invested VND60m and harvested nearly five tonnes of onions," she said.

However, their profits may not be as high as expected. The onion prices from Ly Son used to stay at VND40,000 per kilo but sharply dropped to VND25,000. The prices were high when the supply was low but as the harvest season arrived, prices quickly dropped.

"All farmers on Ly Son have had a good harvest and everyone is really happy. The prices are now low. We still have profits but not much," Vo Xuan Quang said.

This year, Ly Son farmers planted nearly 200 hectares of onions, accounting for 50% of the island's agricultural land. Compared to previous years, this crop has had good weather and fewer diseases. About 2,000 tonnes of onions have been harvested on Ly Son.

The most difficult challenge for the farmers is how to find outlets for their produce. Traders often use this excuse to bargain down prices. Ly Son authorities said they were planning to set up a production link to help the farmers.

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