Hanoi tourism to benefit from new air routes and flights
  • | | December 04, 2019 11:38 AM
Officials in Hanoi have proposed to increase the number of international air routes to the capital to attract more tourists.


Bangkok Airways open new Chiang Mai-Hanoi route

According to the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, air travel is the most common way for tourists to visit. By the end of November, nearly 16.3 million international tourists have arrived in Vietnam, 13 million of them travelled by air.

About 80% of the international tourists to Hanoi also travelled by air. Nearly 40 international airlines have opened routes to Noi Bai Airport. In order to prevent overcrowding and aim for sustainable development, the Vietnamese government has approved the expansion plan to improve the airport's capacity to receive 100 million passengers each year.

Both foreign and domestic airlines continue to open more air routes to Noi Bai. In early 2019, Philippines Airlines launched the route from Hanoi to Manila. Eva Air doubled the flights from Taiwan to Hanoi in October to 14 flight per week. Also in the same month, IndiGo Airlines from India opened the direct route from Kolkata to Hanoi.

Bamboo Airways recently announced that they will open the Hanoi-Incheon direct route in December 2020. South Korea, China and Japan account for most visitors to Hanoi. The local authorities believe that the infrastructure can receive more tourists.

"The development of the aviation industry has a strong impact on the number of international tourists to Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular. This is a huge chance for the tourism industry to develop," said Ha Van Sieu, deputy head of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.

Director of Hanoi Department of Tourism Tran Duc Hai emphasised that the number of visitors were important but sustainable development was the key factor so that visitors would stay longer and return to Hanoi. In order to increase the number of tourists, they must have a suitable plan and make sure that the infrastructure is good enough for more routes and flights.

Lai Quoc Cuong, director of Vietcharm Company, said, "After the Hanoi-Manila was opened, the number of tourists from the Philippines has increased significantly. If more Indonesia-Hanoi direct routes are opened, both countries will be able to enjoy more benefits."

Phung Quang Thang, vice head of Hanoi Tourism Association, said, "Both the tourism industry and tour companies are benefited by more flights and routes to Hanoi. The product and service qualities are still the most important factor to keep tourists and opening new routes is the chance to attract tourists."

Several events will be opened in Hanoi in the near future to attract tourists such as the Formula 1 race and horse racing course in Soc Son.

New routes will help Hanoi authorities meet the goal of receiving 5.7 million international tourists in 2020 as stated in Resolution 6 about developing Hanoi tourism industry in the 2016-2020 period and the future.

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