Tet child care services offer high prices
  • | laodong, | January 13, 2020 06:50 AM
Parents in big cities are in a hurry to search for child care service as the children's Tet holidays start earlier than the national holidays.


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Tet holiday of many students in HCM City starts from January 18, nearly a week earlier than their parents.

Nguyen Thi Luan, a local in District 7, said, "My husband and I will work until the end of January 23. We don't know how to look after the children now. The babysitter services are too expensive for us."

Hoang Van Cong from Binh Thanh District also said that he was struggling to find child care services.

"Last year, we took them to our workplaces but it's really not a good solution. We were really busy and their holiday started so much earlier than ours. We don't trust them at home alone yet but Tet child care services are so expensive," he said.

A company in Go Vap District offers to look after the children for two to 12 hours a day at different prices. A 12-hour package before January 19 costs VND300,000 (USD13) a day. The price from January 19 to 29 is VND600,000 a day. Moreover, the customers have to pay VND1.3m broker fee but that does not include any guarantees over issues such as theft.

Another company in Tan Dinh District also listed their prices for Tet as VND400,000 (USD17) to VND500,000 a day, much higher than the usual prices of VND200,000 to VND300,000. The babysitter can also teach the children homework depending on the requests. The broker fee is VND800,000.

The same prices are also applied at a company in Hanoi. They offer their Tet service at VND600,000 (USD26) a day with VND1m broker fee.

Several private schools also offer child care services for Tet at the rate of VND200,000 a day. Art schools and some education centres offer various child care services for kindergarten children at different prices. Child care services for primary students are VND55,000 to VND80,000. Parents will have to pay an additional VND90,000 to VND150,000 if they want the babysitters to teach homework.

Soft-skill and experience classes for Tet cost VND500,000 (USD22) to VND1m per day.

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