ATMs continues troubling people on Tet
  • |, TP | January 21, 2020 04:07 PM
As demand for cash spikes as the Tet holiday nears, many ATMs in HCM City are either running out of cash or reporting technical problems.

On Monday, lots of ATMs in Go Vap District ran short of cash. Thanh Hoai, a local resident, said that she tried three ATMs failed to withdraw any money. Then she came to the fourth which had cash, but she had to wait for so long because of long queues. As a result, she forced to leave.


Just one among the four ATMs at CoopMart Phan Van Tri in Go Vap District could work on January 20

She tried another which worked but just allowed the withdrawal of less than VND1 million (USD43.47).

Tran Van Khang in Binh Duong Province said that it took him hours to get more than VND10 million (USD434.78) from several ATMs in District 12.

Many people directly come to banks to ensure to receive the cash and avoid their card being swallowed. However, it is common to see bank branches overloaded with rows of people.

ATMs in areas with many industrial parks and economic zones such as Tan Binh, Vinh Loc and Tan Thuan have faced more congestion as the places are home to a great number of workers.

Many Vietcombank’s ATMs at Vinh Loc Industrial Park in Binh Chanh District are jammed from early morning to late at night.

According to the State Bank of Vietnam’s branch in HCM City, by late 2019, the city was home to 4,100 ATMs, with many of them being congested on Tet.

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has asked industrial parks and export processing zones for their tenants’ cash requirements to identify the best way to pay salaries and bonuses.

Banks would dispatch staff with cash to enterprises at industrial parks and export processing zones.

SBV has also instructed banks to ensure ATMs are maintained and personnel in charge of loading cash into ATMs are on duty around the clock and to ensure the police intensify patrols at ATM sites.

A representative from a bank in District 1 said that the bank has prepared cash and tighten control over ATMs operation to deal with possible problems.

People are encouraged to make non-cash payments to ease demand at ATMs.

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