Supermarket shelves empty as people avoid going out
  • | | February 06, 2020 10:37 AM
Several supermarkets in Hanoi have run out of food as local people rush to stockpile products amid rising fear of the Coronavirus outbreak.

More and more people are flocking to supermarkets as they don't want to go out or visit crowded places during the outbreak. Vegetables and fruit shelves at major supermarkets in Cau Giay District were empty on February 4.

Moreover, some gardens experienced heavy rains during Tet so vegetable supplies are less than usual. Canned food and instant noodles are also selling well. Many foods ran out by 10 am.

Le Thu Trang from Yen Hoa Ward said, "In order to avoid going to crowded places, I've bought enough for the whole family to eat in a week. I bought a lot of vegetables because we all want to eat hot pot after Tet."

Some photos of Cau Giay supermarkets:

Shopping at supermarket




Empty shelves

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