Restaurants suffer downturn amid coronavirus fears
  • | | February 09, 2020 08:01 PM
Many restaurants in Hanoi, which have been hit by the new fines on drink driving, have experienced a further fall in customers amid the fears of coronavirus.

Hai Linh, an owner of a restaurant in Hanoi, said the number of customers had sharply dropped since stronger drink-driving regulations. The situation had worsened since the coronavirus outbreak.



Restaurants in Hanoi lose more customers due to coronavirus 

Despite various ways to attract customers such as offering discounts, vouchers and complimentary taxi services, customer numbers had fallen by 50%.

According to Hai Linh, university students were major customers, but they’ve stayed home for another week after Tet.

Meanwhile, people want to restrict gatherings to prevent the epidemic which has also led to a fall in customers.

Dinh Duc who manages a seafood restaurant in Hoang Mai District said he sees a loss of around VND2 million (USD86.9) a day. The restaurant currently receives just a small number of customers, while he has to pay for up to 15 staff and other overheads.

Owners worry that if the disease continues for a long time, they would probably have to suspend their businesses.

The Ministry of Health reported that Vietnam has so far confirmed 14 infected patients tested for coronavirus and 304 suspected cases, but 227 have tested negative for the virus and 77 are in isolation while samples undergo testing.

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