Petroleum prices sharply fall
  • | | February 14, 2020 10:09 PM
Petroleum prices were cut this afternoon following a decision by the ministries of Industry and Trade and Finance.

The retail price of RON92 and biofuel RON95 was reduced by VND765 and VND742 per litre respectively. The price decrease for diesel oil, kerosene and mazut is VND961 and VND1,108 per litre and VND792 per kilo.


Petroleum prices sharply fall

Following the price decline, RON92 and RON95, diesel, kerosene and mazut are sold at less than VND18,503, VND15,175 and VND13,954 per litre and VND11,652 per kilo respectively.

The ministries have also agreed to use VND100 from the petroleum price stabilisation for a litre of E5RON92. The level for RON95, diesel and mazut is VND600 and VND700 per litre and VND200 per kilo.

Meanwhile, different kinds of oil are not allowed to be benefited from the fund.

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