Fish ports in Quang Binh face overloading problem
  • | nguoilaodong, | June 24, 2020 06:16 PM
Local people are complaining about overloading and pollution as two fish ports in Quang Binh Province are deteriorating.


Song Gianh Port

Nhat Le Port in Dong Hoi City and Song Gianh Port in Bo Trach District are managed by Quang Binh Fish Ports Management Board. Song Gianh Port went into operation in 2001 with an investment of VND19bn (USD818,000). It covers 22,000 square metres and is designed for 30 boats with 150CV capacity per day. It has two piers that are nearly 100 metres long that serve 7,000 boats and 9,000-12,000 tonnes of cargoes every year.

This is one of the biggest fish ports in the North Central Coast. The number of boats at Song Gianh recently increased and caused overloading as well as damage to the port. Subsidence has been detected in the waiting area and on the roads. Moreover, as silting occurs near the port, the water is only two to five metres deep and boats are having a harder time docking.

Nguyen Van Son, a boat owner in Bo Trach said he had to wait for hours or even the whole day to find a spot at the port. When the tides are low, they were grounded.

Nhat Le Port was built in 2000, covering 4.5ha with an investment of VND20bn from the fund for islands and borders. Each year, it serves 2,000-2,500 boats with 9,000 tonnes of cargo. However, its designed capacity is only 20% of the actual boats that use the port.

The port is also deteriorating with cracks and subsidence. During the rainy season, the port is flooded as the drainage system is broken. Pollution from both ports is also bothering people living nearby.

Nguyen Trung Son, head of the Song Gianh Port Management Board said that the deterioration and overloading are getting worse.

"During the rush hour, dozens of boats line up, waiting for a vacant spot. Cargo trucks that provide food or want to buy fish from the boats have to park out of the port and the loading and unloading of cargo isn’t easy," he said.

Tran Dang Thao, deputy director of the Quang Binh Fish Ports Management Board said since only 20-30% of the boats can access the ports, the other boats have to use illegal ports. That's why they have trouble with monitoring the boats.

Thao said Quang Binh People's Committee had allocated the fund but the processes haven't been synchronised.

"In the long term, everything needs to be done including dredging, upgrading the system and repair the ports. And new services will be built like shelters for boats during storms and fishery logistics," he said.

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