Son La successfully exports dragon fruit
  • | vov, | July 24, 2020 04:28 PM
Son La Province exported 10 tonnes of red heart dragon fruit to Russia on July 23 after successfully exported a large amount of mango and longan to China, Australia, the US and the EU.


Son La successfully exports dragon fruit

The exports have helped the farmers avoid a season with bountiful crops but low prices and expanded the markets for local fruits.

Tong Thi Thanh Huong from Hung Nhan Village said two years ago, her one hectares of land was used to plant coffee and there were times when it was abandoned due to a volatile market. Last year, she decided to plant organic red heart dragon fruit and found success with over 1,000 dragon fruit plants.

"We used to sell our products in the domestic market but now we have met the requirements to export to other countries. We felt proud," she said.

Tran Van Dong from Tien Hung Village is one of the first families that removed their tea crops, a traditional crop in the area, and replaced it with a dragon gruit garden. After two years, he harvested three tonnes of dragon fruits on four hectares of land. Most of it will be exported to Russia. According to Dong, if one hectare of tea brought him VND150m a year then the dragon fruits helped him earn over VND300m a year.

"We used compost for the plants in our garden and it has brought great results and it's safe. Difficult markets like Russia, Australia and Japan have also made a bigger orders this year," he said.

In 2018, the red heart dragon fruit was piloted in several communes like Chieng Pha, Phong Lai and Chieng Ly in accordance with the plan to develop a closed product value chain for dragon fruits during 2018-2020 period. There are 26 hectares of dragon fruits in Thuan Chau District and this will be expanded to 200 hectares during the 2020-2025 period.

Nguyen Minh Tien, party secretary of Thuan Chau District, said had made development plan and issued guidance to the farmers to meet all requirements and commitments.

"Agricultural exports will be one of the key activities of our district. We also give support to the farmers to grow the fruits organically and so that the products will meet Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practices," he said.

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