Hanoi dog meat hub sees big change
  • By Toan Vu | | November 20, 2020 10:32 AM
Hanoi’s Nhat Tan Ward which was a dog meat business hub with dozens of restaurants is changing.

Around 20 years ago, Nhat Tan Ward was home to around 50 dog meat restaurants. Every afternoon or even at night, many customers flocked there for dog meat dishes.



The village was always covered in smoke and the smell of grilled meat coming from over the restaurants; now the situation has changed with only one dog meat restaurant left.


The house which was used as Tran Moc Dog Meat Restaurant previously, was the first of its kind in Nhat Tan, and is closed at present.

According to a local resident, during the real estate fever in Hanoi in 2008, many dog meat restaurant owners closed their business and sold houses and land.

Meanwhile, Hanoi authorities have issued a statement to call on residents to ease off eating dog meat.

The city is drafting a plan to gradually phase out the slaughtering and trading of dog meat. By 2021 there will be no dog meat restaurants in the city centre.

Cao Xa Village in the outlying district of Hoai Duc’s Duc Giang Commune with a long-standing tradition of dog slaughtering has considerably changed following moves by municipal authorities to tighten control over dog meat trading.

Just some local households still slaughter dogs. Many families have turned into other kinds of jobs such as selling farm produce.

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