More taxes collected from online businesses
  • | | January 26, 2021 10:59 AM
More people have come to pay taxes for their online businesses in Hanoi in 2020.


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Mai Son, head of Hanoi Taxation Department, said e-business has strongly developed in Vietnam and worldwide. In 2020, Hanoi collected VND123bn (USD5.3m) in taxes, five times higher than the collected taxes in 2019. Most of the taxpayers are individuals, he said.

A woman from Cau Giay District paid VND23.4bn (USD1m) after earning VND330bn last year from writing and published her apps on Google Play and App Store. Another man paid over VND18bn from his VND260bn income also from writing mobile apps. According to the Hanoi Taxation Department, another person paid over VND7bn in taxes from his online business via YouTube and Google.

In 2021, the department will continue to review and analyse the data over the current online businesses in Vietnam. They will collaborate with the banks and trading floors to ask the business owners to pay taxes. Violators will be fined in accordance with the regulations.

People who refused to obey the inspection decision and punishment may be prosecuted.

According to the department, they collected VND25bn (USD1.1m) in taxes from online businesses in 2019 and VND123bn in 2020. The total amount of income via online businesses detected in 2019 and 2020 was over VND1trn a year.

Statistics from the Ministry of Information and Communication show that as of late 2020, 15,000 YouTubers in Vietnam had enabled their channels for monetization but only 5,000 channels registered and paid taxes. People who earn over VND100m (USD4,300) a year will pay 2% personal income tax and 5% VAT.

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