Quang Binh fishermen enjoy big post-Tet catches
  • | | February 20, 2021 08:58 AM
Fishermen in Nhan Trach Commune, Quang Binh Province have enjoyed bountiful catches after Tet.


Quang Binh fishermen enjoys bountiful catches

For the fishermen in Nhan Trach, the first fishing trip after Tet Holiday is meaningful and signifies their luck for the new year. Most fishing boats in Nhan Trach are small so they often have a quick trips overnight and return in the early morning. The beach was busy with all the boats and activity.

Pham Nguyen said his crew were able to bring back 700kg of anchovies. "We’re all really happy to have such a good trip after Tet. We'll be able to earn about VND20m (USD866). We just hope for good weather and bountiful trips," he said.


Anchovies used to make fish sauce

Another fisherman, Pham Tan, said they caught nearly a tonne of anchovies. As they reached the shore, they could see the traders already waiting along the beaches. Anchovies and baby shrimp can be sold for VND30,000 (USD1.30) or VND20,000 per kilo respectively. Both of them can be used to make fish sauce and shrimp paste.

According to the fishermen, if they have a bountiful trip with baby shrimp they will have good herring scad and cutlass fish trawls too.

Nguyen Van Nghi, chairman of Nhan Trach Commune People's Committee said they have over 100 fishing boats. They are mostly nearshore fishing boats so they only work seasonally. Bountiful anchovies trips also mean local fish sauce manufacturing facilities will have good materials and an optimistic outlook.

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