Vietnam’s car import in March surges
  • | | April 03, 2021 07:21 AM
Vietnam saw a sharp rise in car imports in March, the highest level since the country was hit by Covid-19.

According to the General Department of Vietnam Customs, in March, Vietnam imported 17,000 cars, up 69.3% in volume and 66.3% in value against last month. This represented an increase of 5,000 cars on-year.


Vietnam saw a sharp rise in car imports in March

In the first three months of of this year, the country imported 35,000 cars worth USD771 million in total, up 5,000 cars against the same period as last year.

In 2020, Vietnam’s car imports drastically decreased due to the lower demand. This is also the common situation of the world in the year.

This year, the purchase demand has been forecasted to grow higher due to the improvement in the Covid-19 pandemic. Car sales would considerably increase between April and August as car traders focus on selling their existing inventory.

Besides cars imported from Thailand and Indonesia, more cars from China such as MG, Beijing and Baic have also been imported into Vietnam. These Chinese brands have attracted young customers.

However, the best-sellers are still cars imported from Thailand and Indonesia.

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