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Geotechnical Research Center
  • | GTC | April 16, 2010 12:00 AM

Geotechnical Research Center, Hanoi University of Mining and Geology (GTC)

Foreign expert working at a lab of Soil, rock and Construction materials of the center.


Office No. 1: C5/P201 & 304 Campus of Hanoi University of Technology, Hai Ba Trung Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Tel: (84.4) 3 8683342 – 3 8690110; Fax: (84.4) 8690110.

Office No. 2:P806/C12, Faculty of Oil and Gas, University of Mining and Geology, Dong Ngac Commune, Tu Liem, Dist, Hanoi.

Tel: (84.4) 2 2181323.

Fields of activities:

Researching, conducting application of new techniques in geotechnical investigation, groundwater prospecting, mineral exploration, drilling, penetration, geophysics, surveying; Researching the soil and rock properties, compositions of water and the solutions for ground improvement and treatment.

Carrying out scientific and technical service in fields of engineering, surveying, exploration and exploitation boring cast-in-place concrete pile technique; Constructing network for exploiting, transporting by pipelines, processing, storing and supplying water for human and industrial uses; Treating environment of oil-gas and water.

Training testing technicians, engineers, and teaching special subjects for postgraduates and PhD students.

Achievements of scientific research, technology transferring and working activities:

GTC has been operating for over 20 years with thousands of research projects, technology application contracts. The number of projects was 80 in period of 1986-1989, 100 in period of 1990-1995, 200 in period of 1996-2000, and 500 in period of 2001-2002 and over 1,000 in period of 2003-2008.

GTC has carried out some ministry level researches such as follows: Large diameter rotary boring (1996); Geo-environmental changes caused by engineering and economical activities in Hanoi (1996); Soil and rock deformation at high depth (1998); Soft ground improvement by using cast-in-place concrete pile with mix of cements, lime and sand (2000); The seam declination and deformations (2001); Land resources for construction of HN (1998-2004); Argumentation of Engineering Geological Condition for underground Construction of Hanoi Capital (1999-2005); Polimer-bentonite fluid for coal exploration by wire-line core barrel reaching 2,000m depth (2006-2009). Etc.

GTC has taking part in training 12 doctors, 20 masters, over 300 engineers, and over 100 testing staffs.