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Tourists flocking to Sapa for Tet
  • | | February 10, 2010 02:00 PM

Hotels in Sapa cannot meet the demands of the large number of tourists which is increasing significantly during the Tet holidays, said Nguyen Dinh Dzung, Deputy Director of Lao Cai Province’s Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism.

According to Mr Dzung, thanks to 9 days off for Tet, many office workers have chosen Sapa as the destination for their whole family to relax and celebrate Tet. Therefore, hotels in Sapa now are almost fully booked. It is forecasted that Sapa will welcome the massive amount of tourists from the 2nd to 8th (based on the lunar calendar). Many will also desire to visit other nearby attractions such as Ha Khau province or Bac Ha spring market.

Nguyen Trong Dam, Director of the Sapa Trade Union Hotel, showed that his hotel is fully booked until the 6th (lunar calendar), including 30 tourists who will celebrate the whole Lunar New Year Eve and holiday in Sapa. Meanwhile, Nguyen Duc Tung, the reception supervisor of the Victoria Sapa Hotel said that on this festival, his 4-star hotel will be very crowded with tourists, mainly foreigners.

The Binh Minh tourism agency is greeting 1,000 Chinese tourists through the Lao Cai border. Among them, 400 will visit Ha Noi capital, 100 will head to Ho Chi Minh City, another 400 will explore Ha Long Bay and 500 will relax in Sapa.

In spite being fully booked, all hotels, hostels and cheap accommodations in Sapa still promise to keep their usual rate.

The biggest difficulty for tourists now is booking a roundtrip train ticket from Ha Noi to Lao Cai which were booked by tourism agencies months ago.

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