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Fresh nature in Vam Sat mangrove forest
  • | SGGP | August 06, 2011 08:24 AM

Vam Sat mangrove forest is not very far from Ho Chi Minh City, and is considered the “green lung” of the city.

The whole view of Vam Sat from the top of Lang Bong tower

Located on Can Gio island, in the area of Ho Chi Minh City, Vam Sat mangrove forest is only distant from the centreof the city about 50 kilometres.

From Bình Khánh port (the entrepôt between Nha Be district and Can Gio district), continue going for 1 hour by bus to Dan Xay bridge, the large mangrove forest will appear.

The forest is in a reclaimed land that is merged into Ho Chi Minh City afterwards. This forest is so original with many mangroves, and various kinds of other creature. UNESCO also recognised it as a Biology Reserve of the world.

The atmosphere here is very pure and peaceful. Take a step into the forest, it would feel like being released from the narrow and stuffy space in the city.

Lately, Vam Sat has become an attractive destination to many tourists. Coming to the forest, tourists will have chances to take pleasure in a natural landscape, enjoy the very fresh cool air as well as some delicious specialties.

Not only that, there are some interesting activities like fishing, catching crabs, rowing “xuồng ba lá” (a traditional kind of jolly boat in the South, which was made by three planks joining together), walking on “cầu khỉ” (a very simple bridge made of bamboo or some kinds of wood; it is also a typical feature of the South West)…

The beginning of the journey to Vam Sat is right at Dan Xay bridge pier. From there, tourists will go by speedboat to the forest.

The cool wind blowing on the river will quickly appease tourists after they have taken a long trip from the city.

The landscape around is so natural. The mangroves grow in series with very large roots knit together. Sometimes, fishes plunge out of the water and then go back very quickly.

The 20 minute – trip by speedboat will stop at Dam Doi. There, a small path made by some wood sections putting on mud will lead into a playing field, where many big crabs are waiting to be caught.

Out of Dam Doi, the main spot of the journey will welcome all the tourists.

Most outstanding is the Tang Bồng tower. It is made of iron and with the height of 15 metres. The top of this tower is a perfect spot to view the whole scene around.

The area of animals also attracts many people, especially children. Tourists can feed or take photos with them as well.

Coming to this peaceful land, tourists will also be welcomed warmly. The local people here are all friendly and very close. They can even offer any tourists a meal at their home.

A journey to Vam Sat in Can Gio will promisingly bring relaxation and much pleasure.

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